Recently we’ve been…

…going to Lativa to buy smoked ribs and

humongous rye bread and

enjoying the nostalgic Soviet atmosphere of a small Latvian town Ape (not to be confused with primates).
IMG_7182 IMG_7184

…hanging out with my mum in the countryside.


…planting oak trees to ensure our grandchildren will have as good mushroom harvest as we do every year.


…making the dog pose with us in pictures.

IMG_7268…sitting on rocks.


…making nettle soup.IMG_7300…wakeboarding.

IMG_7327IMG_7328IMG_7329…seeing a lot of solidarity to Pussy Riot and Ukraine.

IMG_20140515_185203…visiting the botanical gardens.

IMG_20140518_142232IMG_20140518_142822…AND enjoying 25+ degree weather complete with a sunburn.

And now to a hot date with David to body bump class, where we will be yelled at by the very motivating instructor.



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