Packed and ready to go (nearly)

So I am now one of those cool people with a huge backpack. Ready to go to Zimbabwe, not ready to go to China.

We are still waiting for the Chinese Bureau of Foreign Workers (I made that name up, but it sounds plausible) to send our Foreign Worker’s Permit (this really exists), which we need to apply for our visas.

We have also been having some trouble with my Zimbabwe visa. It turns out that nobody knows where I can get another visa for Zimbabwe, which I need to get back from Mozambique. David’s first solution was to smuggle me out of Mozambique, but I am an honest Estonian and will not partake in such activities. So he called the embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs this morning to find out how I can be legal.

It looks like my first experience in Zimbabwe will be a visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I have newly found admiration for all of my friends who have to deal with visas every year, what a nonsense!

Despite all this, I am very excited.

In the famous words of David Winter: “BAZINGA!”

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