I have entered the 21st century.

As our move to China is creeping up on us, a lot of friends and family have asked me how I am planning to keep them up to date with our lives in the far east. I was going to write letters, but killed that plan as soon as it was hatched. Snail mail from China might take a while and I will never write letters to everyone. Sorry. So read this.

I shall tell you all about our lives in Xi’an (excluding some exclusive details) and the process of getting there via Hong Kong and through many many Chinese bureaucratic institutions.

As some of you may know, we are visiting David’s motherland in December, so you can expect an update on our travels in Zimbabwe and Mozambique, too.

I was determined to write this blog in Estonian, but it seems to make more sense to keep it in English for now. Until all my English speaking friends learn the wonder that is the Estonian language.

That’s a lot of promises. Luckily I will be too far for you to do anything to me if I don’t keep them.



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